Contact Elements AD is specialized in the production of silver alloys – two-, three- and four component in combination with silver, copper, zinc and cadmium..

The silver solder is used for soldering of ferrous and nonferrous metals, in addition to aluminum and zinc, which have a lower melting temperature.

Silver solder wet metal surfaces good and penetrate easily into the gaps between the soldering details givening strong and corrosion resistant joints. Compounds soldered with silver solder, unlike any other solders, withstand shock and vibration loads wery well, also withstand and significant bending deformations. Therefore, silver solders is widespread. They have high-class quality and reliability.

Depending on the percentage of silver in them , silver alloys are produced with brands from PSr 10 to PSr 70. The most used in industry are ternary silver alloys containing copper and zinc. Solders brand PSr 40 and PSr 45 due to its expansibility are widely used in building equipments and mechanical engineering.

Ag solder

Solders are produced in the form of wires and tapes according to the client needs. For the production of silver alloys are used Italian rolling mills, German extractor equipment and highly powerful 600-ton hydraulic press Bulgarian.

The company offers alloy electrodes for contact welding. We recommend alloy electrode for welding low-carbon and low-alloy steels, precious metals and their alloys with copper and copper alloys, and combinations of copper alloys such as melchior, noyzilbert, phosphor copper, brass.

In electric-production widely uses contact materials in the form of tapes and wires. The bands are punched contact elements, which are soldered or welded to the contact carrier. The gels is widely used for the production of dual-layer and three-layer contact rivets, and welding of contact buds to contact carriers (substrates).

Customers of the Company are companies from the electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and energy.

Initial materials used in the production – silver, copper, zinc, cadmium – are entirely Bulgarian.