Dear colleagues, Contact Elements AD as a market-oriented company welcomes any opportunity for collaboration and cooperation.

At the beginning of its existence our activity was mainly oriented towards the domestic market. In recent years, Contact Elements AD extends beyond the borders of Bulgaria. In the future, we will continue to look for partners in areas related to our business.

For an extended period of operation, our company has earned recognition and respect from our customers. That’s why we are proud to say that in the face of Contact Elements AD you will find a reliable and professional partner.

For more information, please call or send an email.

Phone.:  + 359 7172 2089
Fax: + 359 7172 2072



POSITION: Sales Manager.


1.    Lead commercial correspondence with current and potential customers of the company.

2.    Preparation, sending and receiving business correspondence.

3.    Prepares offers inquiries.

4.    Actively participate in the search for new business partners.

5.    Develop a corporate strategy for sales.

6.    Represents the company and maintain contact with customers.

7.    Monitor the status of market analyzes upcoming customer needs.

8.    Initiate early trade negotiations with potential customers.

9.    Prepares proposals for improving the activity of sale of products.

10.  Responsible for the active search and attract new customers.

11.  Actively participate in the search and development of new business opportunities.


1.    Education: secondary school (high school), higher education – technical specialty.

2.    Excellent computer skills.

3.    Proficiency in English.

4.    Experience in trade negotiations.

5.    Skills for professional communication at all levels of activity.

6.    Initiative and striving to achieve excellence.

WORKPLACE: Dragoman / Sofia

If you are interested and feel you meet our requirements, please send us your CV. We guarantee full confidentiality of your application. We will contact only with shortlisted candidates for interview.