About Us


Contact Elements AD Dragoman was established in 1980 as a successor of the “Plant for special cermet to NPK Metalokeramika. Under that name existed until now its transformation by Decision № 164/1989, the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria in the state company Contact Elements with headquarters Dragoman and activity – contact elements.Activities of the Contact Elements AD is associated with the production of bimetallic contacts and silver alloys for the production of which we use only Bulgarian raw materials.
The company has three production halls with a total area of ​​3600 m² and a total displacement 24 500 m³. They are located in an area of ​​23 ha., Located in the western industrial zone of the city. Contact Elements AD has covered warehouses, office building – massive building.

silver alloys – silver solder
We have a production unit in Sofia. There we produce bimetallic contact rivets. The production room is rented, with some serving machines. The basic equipment – 7 riveting machines are owned by the company.
The main users of the production of Contact Elements AD enterprises electrical, instrumentation, electronics and mechanical engineering.